Born and raised in Singapore in a biracial family while spending a lot of time in the islands of Malaysia since we had a Scuba Diving business.

I've always been the one to ask direct questions because of true curiosity. Questions that expand a person's exploration and understanding of self. 

As a child, I'd sit at the bow of our 52ft dive boat for hours with our international customers (mostly executives) asking them questions about their life. 

The questions, often simple, would bring a sort of clarity to them. Would show them how we sometimes get so lost allowing the pressures of the world, society, family can spin us. 

I have used this tool for over a decade in areas of fitness, nutrition, mental health, emotional health, business, leadership and identity of self. 

Helping ambitious and caring leaders learn how they make their best decisions and funnel their energy efficiently. Creating a more streamlined approach to their unique success.

To fully unlock the depth of our value, we invite you to share your challenges with us.

By delving into your unique situation, we can explore and determine the most effective ways we can help. 

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Into Human Design? So am I.

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