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Mini Email SeriesĀ 

A 4/6 Self-Projected Projector sharing my experience around burnout, bitterness and the not-self. I've turned some recurring questions into emails about...

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Surviving or Thriving?

Take this short quiz to see where you stand in alignment and energetically. You'll test into one of the 4 levels that Cari uses to teach about burnout recovery: Drowning, Treading Water, Swimming or Running.

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Customize Your Packages + Pricing

Your Comprehensive Guide to Building an Aligned & Profitable Guiding Practice. Use this Pause-and-Play Training to clarify the value, price and energetic investment of your Suite of Packages.

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Complete a brief application form to connect for a personalized exploration of your current state.Ā Delve into identifying patterns, recognizing limitations, and gaining internal clarity to empower confident decision-making.

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Monthly Text Access

Maintain an open dialog with Cari Li for Soundboarding on decisions. This program was created for clients who are on the go or prefer not to use supporting calls anymore. 

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6-Month True You Coaching Program

Spend a revealing 6-months with a coach as they guide you through the True You Program. Allowing you to go deeper into the practices while receiving additional reflection from your coach, accelerating the process.

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