A Soundboard & Life Guide for Growing Talent & High-Performers who tackle high stress lives with a demand for effective decision making.



A Soundboard & Life Guide for High-Performing Individuals in the areas of stress, energy and emotional management. Expediting the decision making process by improving awareness, clarity and confidence.

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Stress Management


Learn how to overcome overwhelm and overthinking, reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body and how to improve social and corporate relationships.


Energy Management


Improve time management, reduce fatigue and brain fog so that you can optimise performance & channel your energy effectively.


Emotional Management


Understanding emotions allows us to channel and utilise our emotional energy at an advantage. Emotional clarity allows space for clarity in personal and executive decision making.

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"Cari Li gives you real information in a way that relates to you as a human, where you are at, and gives you tools to figure out the next clear steps on how to get out of stuck. And they are not crazy drastic steps! But can empower you to make big steps for yourself."


Tia Longo Milder

Who I work with


I love to work with individuals who are on a passionate mission to live their best life while making their dent in this world.

I dive deeply into the highs and lows of each of my client's lives to help Helping over-thinkers, high-performers and energetically sensitive beings go from CHAOS to CLARITY.

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Find out if you're in a state of energetic debt

Are you Surviving or Thriving?



Mastery in Motion: The 'Running' State of Life Alignment

Feb 02, 2024

The 'Swimming' State: Effortless Flow in Life's Waters

Feb 02, 2024

From 'Swimming' to 'Running': Elevating to Peak Thriving

Feb 02, 2024

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Take this short quiz to see where you stand in alignment and energetically. You'll test into one of the 4 levels that Cari uses to teach about burnout recovery: Drowning, Treading Water, Swimming or Running.

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