Cari Li, CEO of Cari Li Consulting and Minerva Collective at Marina One in Singapore. Photographed by Alan Chua.

Cari Li || Executive Soundboard & Life Guide

May 06, 2024

Hi, I’m Cari Li.


If you’re here we probably connect on at least one thing… that we do not take life for granted.

And so I thank you in advance for dedicating your best to yourself and this life because we know the World could use it. 


I’ll take the opportunity to explain what it is I do and why.

If you’d like to learn more about how I ended up here, feel free to read on.


What is an Executive Soundboard & Life Guide?

The basis of what I do is help individuals develop a high level of self-trust so that they can courageously live out their path. 


Along with my team of coaches and consultants, we use real life experience to help our clients learn their unique operations in alignment. 


We help them become Learners of Life so they never miss out on the Wisdom  that life offers them. 


We do this by being an extra beacon of awareness for them, helping them catch the blindspots, shift to empowering approaches and expand beyond limiting operations.


My personal experience started with helping high stress individuals up-level their Energy Management skills through the physical body.

Teaching them how to move better, eat better, rest better and respect their body better. 


Through over a decade in the Fitness industry and Burnout Recovery, my coaching practice has expanded into helping individuals manage their Stress Health, Physical Health, Emotional Responses, Fear Restrictions and Mental Adaptability. 


To help an individual understand so many aspects of themselves means to dive into the depths of their being. In relationships, in habits, in beliefs, etc. 

It’s a process that takes time and experience.


No amount of thinking on a couch and talking about it can shift it as much living and learning can, so we expedite the process even more by being another who is dedicated to helping them with their awareness. 


This invitation into the lives of High Performers meant an opportunity to dive into various industries so I could better understand their unique decision making process and their consequences.


The talking out of these decisions for individuals, from Stay-at-home parents to CEO’s, brings them a clarity they appreciate and also… I heard it helps them sleep better at night. 


Better sleep = better being


As a Life Guide, I learn the depths of my clients' being and help them notice misalignment so that they can better shift into their being.

 The further we go, the deeper the trust they have within themselves. 

Eventually, I’m no longer needed and I love that.


As an Executive Soundboard, I help Executives trust the shift from High Performance to High Alignment.

It’s truly the state of flow that most High Performers are working to tap into, but have been so highly sold (and often falsely rewarded) for keeping up at Performance. 

When a leader or warrior is ready to truly tap into their full potential and leave behind the performance that has been built atop a false foundation, they look for me and we begin.


What happens when we begin this discovery of self-trust? 

There’s no telling what could happen.
Everything could look the same on the outside, but what’s happening internally within you could be completely different. 


While I don’t want to promise you anything because it is a simple, but not easy process, I can share a few things most people come to over time and active integration with their discoveries.


Physical Plane:

A new level of respect for the body is something almost all our clients do experience and this shift is one of the most powerful pieces of alignment. 


It opens up a new flow of working with the body instead of forcing against it.


Too often we do not give our vehicle credit for the Wisdom it has, yet if we can establish the lines of communication with our vehicle, we can better align how we operate with our direction of success.


This can show up as more energy, better sleep, fulfilling recovery, improved weight management, improved strength and metabolic adaptability. 

Emotional, Instinctual, Intuitive Plane:

We enjoy watching the liberation that comes with the shift of using your intrinsic lines of communication.

These forms of received signals can tend to be extremely overwhelming, especially for the highly creative or pioneering types.


When an individual learns how to understand and utilize these powerful parts of themselves, so much opportunity can unfold for them. 

This allows what used to be chaos to be channeled into something magical. 

I can’t use another term but magical because what comes of it all is truly so unique.


If you find there is a lot of chaos that keeps you treading in your life currently, imagine if you took all that energy in motion and channeled it towards what is for your path. 

That is the power that I love helping people tap into. 


Mental Plane:

This is where I spend the most time with my Executive clients who are dedicated to the active Game of Life in commerce, education and community. 


The mind is a tricky thing if you let it be.


From my experience, the smarter the mind, the smarter the tricks… for itself. 

Meaning, the easier it is to get stuck in your head and spin in circles instead of progressing as you (deep down) know you should.


Helping High Performance individuals learn how they trick themselves into misaligned decisions, actions and ambitions is an exciting piece of my work. 

What could be more fun than helping brilliant minds bring brilliance into our World?!

Not much for me. 


Spiritual / Identity Plane: 

To be blessed to work with clients for years who still have check-in sessions a decade later means I’ve got to help with some drastic and empowering identity shifts. 


When this happens, it’s so powerful because an entire trajectory shifts.

Actions leap as much as their self-trust brings new found belief in themselves and it’s mesmerizing to watch. 


Just like evolution, Spiritual / Identity based shifts happen in slight plateaus followed by a large jump in what we can call “elevation” or maybe even awakening

I’m placing quotation marks around elevation because the deeper you go into this work, the more you realize that there are no “levels”  to this, there just is our experience and what we make of it. 


The coaching industry often likes to talk about Limiting Beliefs, but really, expanded misaligned beliefs send just as many people on a spiral than limiting ones.

It’s time we stop the promotion of competitive, false performance that says a company, school or person knows what is better for us and begin truly stepping into our Higher Alignment. 


That’s the cutting edge that the leaders and warriors of today are really seeking. 

How I got here…

To keep it quite simple, I was invited to Soundboard enough times that I began charging for it.

Instead of paying me for Personal Training sessions, my High Performing clients would want to talk their relationship, business or mental stresses out. 


Turns out, they really loved my perspective on their approach to things and started utilizing it as a tool for expansion.

I also quite loved the ability to have zero bounds around how holistic of a practice I had with human understanding and so organically, it created a win-win profession for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. 


What a winning situation for all of us!

My Personal High Alignment Discovery…

 I’ll start from the beginning… of my consciousness that is.

Don’t worry, I’ll try to only leave as much detail as needed but feel free to skip through what isn’t important to you. 


You could be coming from one of a few avenues of my work so I want to make sure we get to connect where it is important so you feel safe with the guidance I share.


Growing up…

I start here because I’ve been a Learner of Life as soon as my consciousness kicked in.

Having been raised in a Scuba Diving shop meant I was blessed to spend a lot of time in nature, in meditation and in connection with individuals outside their regular / comfortable environment. 


When you grow up in family business, you pick up skills in sales, customer service, backend operations, marketing, etc.

So I was selling scuba diving trips, equipment and courses before I hit double digits.


My parents always recognizing the teacher in me let me start teaching (okay assisting) at age 8. It was a kids snorkeling class and we had a blast!


As I grew older and clocked more experience with diving, I took on more responsibility in helping my family teach students and run the shop.


At 16, I was invited to begin coaching Gymnastics and Tumbling for Cheerleaders since I was retiring from my own Gymnastics practice upon entering University.


5 years later, fellow athletes offered an invitation to help run a new gym and become a Personal Trainer at 21.


By 25, I burned out (more on that soon) and began looking into different ways I could better care for my body and my clients. 


Deciding to take a step back and change my whole approach on operations catapulted my online business career as a coach in 2014. 


The Fitness Industry…

It’s hard to think it’s been 15 years since I started my career as a Personal Trainer and 20 years as a coach but looking back at how much I’ve learned, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. 


After my own burnout, I shifted my focus to what truly aligned with me, which wasn’t just how to look good, but instead how to LIVE good.


I began helping individuals tap into their body more, removing the abusive and failing approaches that were taught and encouraged by “fitness” schools. 

The distinction that I had to learn to make was that fitness was being sold as an exterior product.

One that had unreasonable expectations of appearance for an individual who has actual demands on life and cannot dedicate the focus a fitness model / professional could. 


Overtime, this expanded past the physical realm of practice into a more well-rounded approach that took lifestyle and mental habits into consideration. 


The Crisis and Opportunity of 2020…

When the world took a turn, a lot of my peers had to make a shift. 

Their places of work were no longer allowed to open which stopped their practice and cash flow. 


The solution? 

Build an online practice for themselves that allows for adaptability in situations like this.


To help our Practitioners with the technology side of things, The Minerva Collective Agency, exclusively helps our consulting clients with their Digital Marketing and Virtual Administrative needs.


Over the past few years, we have helped executives across industries tap into Higher Alignment within their personal practice and their organizations' needs, producing expansive returns that are tangible and intangible. 

How to work with me…

We have mostly focused on 1-on-1 work up until now and will be releasing Self-Paced Digital Courses and Solutions under, Your Wisdom Project.


Your Wisdom Project is a growing collection of guidance that teaches you how to discover your unique flow of High Alignment Flow for yourself.

No one truly knows you better than your Inner Wisdom knows you and so we are dedicated to promoting the true solutions, instead of the quick fixes that are sold for profit instead of progress. 


This means, you will have to take some time, you will have to dedicate a practice and invest in yourself before you see the response in reward.

What we can share is that the delayed reward is exponentially more valuable and liberating than the soggy bandaids we have all previously bought into. 


If you are wondering if you’re a good fit for my 1-on-1 consulting or coaching, you’re more than welcome to apply here

Once your application has been submitted, someone from our team will reach out to you with the next steps. 

Still exploring? Start here…

The best place for anyone to begin this process with us is to take the Life Alignment Quiz and find out where you land among our 4 Surviving / Thriving Levels. 


It’s a free resource and we are growing the hub of information and tools that come along with the quiz. 


Currently in overwhelm? 

Perhaps this is not the time for too much thinking because you’re already Drowning.

Here’s where we start with every client from a teenager in school to an executive running a 10 figure organization – CLARITY, by Your Wisdom Project.


It’s a priority management program that helps you manage the chaos and overwhelm in your life, taking you out of the reactive decisions that keep you spinning without success. 


Use the code ‘IAMCLEAR” to gain access for only $3.33


Spend a few hours to sort the next few months of your life out so you can breathe and sleep a little better. 


To a fellow Wisdom Warrior,

I am sincerely happy you're here,

Cari Li



Still not sure? Reach out.

Send us an explanation of what you're looking for to [email protected] and we will reach back out to you.