The Risk of Falling Back: From High Performance to Struggling

Feb 02, 2024


Being in the 'Running' state, as classified by the Life Alignment Quiz, symbolizes reaching the pinnacle of personal thriving. However, even from this peak, there is a risk of slipping back into Survival States like 'Drowning' or 'Treading.'


Let’s explore the factors that can cause such a regression and how to safeguard against it.


Complacency and Overconfidence:

One of the risks at the 'Running' level is becoming complacent. Overconfidence can lead to neglecting the very practices that helped you thrive, such as regular self-care, balanced work-life integration, and continued personal development.


Ignoring Signs of Burnout:

High achievers often push their limits, but ignoring the signs of burnout can be detrimental. It's crucial to recognize when your body and mind need rest and not to overlook the importance of recovery.


Neglecting Personal Relationships:

Focusing too much on achievements can sometimes lead to neglecting personal relationships. A lack of emotional support, community and connection can create a void, leading to feelings of isolation, which might push you back into 'Survival' states.


Poor Adaptability to Change:

Change is constant, and the inability to adapt to new circumstances can cause a shift from thriving to just surviving. It's essential to develop flexibility and resilience to navigate through life's unpredictable changes. If things seem frustrating, perhaps that is a good sign to take a step back and reevaluate your approach.



How to find out what level you are in


Maintaining your 'Running' state requires vigilance, a commitment to continued growth, and a balanced approach to life. It's about recognizing that thriving is a continuous journey, not a destination.

If you're in the 'Running' state, regularly retaking the Life Alignment Quiz can help you stay on track and identify any areas where you might be slipping.


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What to do if you’re toggling between ‘Running’ and Survival States


At Cari Li Consulting, we provide ongoing support and coaching for those in the 'Running' state. It’s actually our specialty with Cari Li’s background in Burnout Recovery, Athletic Energy Management, CNS / Stress Management and Relationship / Community Management.  Our services are designed to help you maintain your peak performance and prevent regression.


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