From 'Swimming' to 'Running': Elevating to Peak Thriving

Feb 02, 2024


Transitioning from 'Swimming' to 'Running' in the Life Alignment Quiz symbolizes a leap from thriving to excelling. This stage is about optimizing your well-being and reaching your fullest potential. 


Let us guide you through the crucial steps for this pivotal transition, highlighting strategies for personal and professional growth.



Amplify Your Strengths:

Identify and leverage your key strengths. This phase is about capitalizing on your abilities and using them to push boundaries and achieve greater success. The more you learn about how you best operate, the easier it is for you to fine-tune your high performance. Over time, this practice can bring you into new territories through strong, aligned momentum that requires minimal willpower and motivation.


Advanced Goal Setting:

Set more challenging and aspirational goals. 'Running' tends to happen when there’s an expansive direction, presence or mission that a person is dedicated to. When they are in the flow of how they operate, the leaps between achievements tend to move at an accelerated pace.


Enhanced Personal Development: 

The more you know about yourself, the better you can align your decisions and operations to coast on the highways of life. Embracing the challenges and dilemmas that come along the way will quickly bring you the development needed to elevate.


Elevated Self-Care Practices:

Adopt self-care practices that align with high performance is a crucial piece that can be easily forgotten in a rat race. This is why we don’t support hustle culture or rat race culture, because aligned flow is so much more effective and enjoyable. If top athletes spend 6-7 figures a year for their peak performance, then maybe we should accept that there is an important to keeping our engines running well. How it looks to restore a body that simply is at a ‘Swimming’ level versus a ‘Running’ level is actually quite different so be open. 


How to find out what level you are in

Achieving the 'Running' state is an exhilarating milestone that signifies you're operating at your best. It's about harnessing your full potential and embracing a life of exceptional achievement and fulfillment.


Ensure you're on the right track by taking the Life Alignment Quiz. It offers valuable insights to help you fine-tune your journey toward 'Running.'



What to do if you’re toggling between ‘Swimming’ and ‘Running’

For those aspiring to reach and maintain the 'Running' stage, Cari Li Consulting offers specialized high-alignment coaching. Our tailored approach will provide you with the tools and strategies to excel in every aspect of your life.


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