Rising from 'Drowning' to 'Treading Water': Steps to Regain Balance

Feb 02, 2024


Transitioning from the 'Drowning' to the 'Treading Water' state in the Life Alignment Quiz signifies a crucial shift from a phase of overwhelm to one of managing and coping. 


Here we share some practical steps to make this significant transition, helping you regain control and start moving towards a healthier, more balanced life.


Acknowledge and Accept Your Current State

Recognize that you are in the 'Drowning' state. Acceptance is the first step to change. Understand that it's okay to be here and that you can move forward.


Prioritize Rest and Recovery

Your body and mind need rest to heal from the state of burnout. Ensure adequate sleep, consider short naps, and create a relaxing bedtime routine. Temporarily reduce strenuous physical activities.


Implement Effective Stress Management Techniques

Start practicing stress-relief methods such as mindfulness, meditation, or gentle yoga. Find activities that help you unwind and incorporate them into your daily routine.


Set Clear and Healthy Boundaries

Learn to say no. Set limits with work, social engagements, and even family responsibilities. Communicate your needs and boundaries to those around you.


Reassess Your Lifestyle Choices

Look at your current lifestyle and identify areas contributing to your stress. It might involve changing dietary habits, adjusting work hours, or altering social activities.


Seek Support

Don't hesitate to ask for help. Whether it's professional support like counseling or therapy, or leaning on a support system of friends and family, remember you're not alone in this journey.


Gradual Reintegration of Activities

Slowly start to reintegrate more activities into your life, but be mindful of your energy and stress levels. It’s about finding a balance that doesn’t lead back to burnout.


How to find out what level you are in


Moving from 'Drowning' to 'Treading Water' is a journey of self-care, boundary-setting, and mindful re-engagement with life. If you're navigating this transition, remember to be patient and kind to yourself.

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What to do if you’re toggling between ‘Drowning’ and ‘Treading’


Transitioning from 'Drowning' to 'Treading Water' is more than just a change; it's a profound transformation towards a more balanced and empowered life. Remember, each step you take is a move towards regaining control and building a foundation for long-term well-being.


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