Staying Afloat: Understanding the 'Treading' Level in Life's Ocean

Feb 02, 2024


Treading water in life's vast ocean signifies a delicate balance between sinking and swimming. It's a state that requires constant effort just to keep your head above water. 

Here we explore the 'Treading' level of the Life Alignment Quiz and shed light on its impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and identity aspects, offering a lifeline towards more stable shores.


For simplicity in observation, we break it down into these 4 categories


Physical Level

On the physical plane, 'Treading' often feels like you're just one step away from exhaustion. You might have enough energy to get through the day, but there's rarely any left for yourself. It's like you're always running on reserve power.


Mental Level

Mentally, this stage is marked by a persistent sense of just keeping up. Your thoughts might race as you juggle tasks, and while you're not sinking under stress, you're not exactly sailing through your to-do list either.


Emotional Level

Emotionally, 'Treading' can manifest as a consistent low-level stress. You might not be in crisis mode, but you're not feeling the peace and satisfaction that comes with thriving. There's a sense of joy just out of reach, as if on the horizon.


Identity Level

At the core of identity, 'Treading' reflects a struggle with self-confidence and purpose. You may feel like you're not moving forward in personal growth or career, which can lead to questioning your path and choices.


Where to start if you may be ‘Treading’


If 'Treading' resonates with you, it's a signal that you're close to finding firmer ground. The key is not to keep doing the same strokes but to find a new way to swim. 

The Life Alignment Quiz is your starting block to better understand your current state and to learn how to glide into the 'Swimming' stage with ease and confidence.


Dive into self-discovery and start making waves in the direction of your dreams.


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How to get to the next Level: Swimming


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