The 'Swimming' State: Effortless Flow in Life's Waters

Feb 02, 2024


Reaching the 'Swimming' state in the Life Alignment Quiz is like finding your rhythm in the water; you're no longer fighting to stay afloat, but rather moving forward with purpose and ease. 

Below we delve into what it means to be 'Swimming' in the various currents of life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and in your identity—and how this state reflects a harmonious balance.


Here is a summary of what that looks like


Physical Level:

Physically, being in the 'Swimming' state feels invigorating. You have the energy to tackle your day, engage in regular exercise, and still have reserves left for personal pursuits. Your body is your ally here, resilient and ready.


Mental Level:

Mentally, 'Swimming' brings clarity and focus. The fog of overwhelm has lifted, and you can navigate through your thoughts and tasks with a clear mind. Decision-making is less about survival and more about steering towards your goals.


Emotional Level:

Emotionally, this level is characterized by a sense of calm and contentment. The turbulent waves of high-stress emotions have subsided, leaving a more serene and joyful mindset in their wake.


Identity Level:

In terms of identity, 'Swimming' signifies a strong sense of self. You feel aligned with your purpose and confident in your path, knowing you're not just surviving—you're actively living and thriving.


Where to start if you may be ‘Treading’


If you're ready to confirm that you're indeed 'Swimming' or if you're aiming to reach this state, the Life Alignment Quiz is your next step. It's a tool designed to affirm your progress and guide you toward even smoother sailing.

Set your sights on the horizon and swim towards a life of balance and fulfillment.


Take the Life Alignment Quiz Now and ensure you're in the flow of your best life.



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